Thursday, 28 January 2010

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.

I always look on the bright side of life and stay optimistic, vital if you are a person with a disability let alone a disabled athlete. Anyway, I believe that how you define yourself is how you confine yourself. Self belief is always important.

Training has been going really well, though I still feel a bit heavy and slightly overweight. That is something I will put right over the next few months as my training schedule intensifies as we get towards the new season. I'm feeling very optimistic at the moment because I did a track session on Monday and it went very well, and my roadwork continues apace.

I had to go to Hertford hospital today to have some x-rays done and it was a strange experience to see all the curves in my spine but don't you dare to call me bent.

The most exciting news has been my being re - appointed as a Team Essex Ambassador and getting another award to keep me going in the coming season. I feel very privileged and it means I can travel abroad to compete, vital if I am to get the times I need to qualify for the World Championships later this year. I'm also grateful for the opportunity to interact with young people because they are the future. A huge thank you to all those people who have shown the confidence in my ability to compete on a world stage. There is to be an Awards Ceremony at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Stanstead on Monday February 1st and I'm really looking forward to attending because it gives me an opportunity to 'glam up' and look my best. Usually I'm to be seen sweating in a tracksuit on the cycle paths of Harlow! And, on that note, I'm off on the road again for a 6 mile steady push today. I'll be back.

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