Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow Go Area Part 2.

The past couple of weeks have been extremely frustrating because the heavy snow and awful weather has meant that I haven't been able to get out onto the road for some serious distance training. That's the part of my sport I really love, pushing myself to improve after every session and a nice warm glow of satisfaction when I finish my 10 miles. Oh well, no point moaning about it because the weather is something none of us can control. If I had the money I would return to Kenya for some warm weather training. That would be lovely, but no point in day dreaming either.I'ts back to the gym for another heavy session on the rollers, like a treadmill for wheelchairs that really works the muscles.

Last night,Wednesday, I was invited to speak to Saffron Walden Rotary Club. There were only two women in the room and one of them was me! Ooooh, all that attention from the men. Anyway, I told them about how I survived polio as a child in Kenya and the stigma attached to it, and also how I have never let it stand in the way of my pathway to success. They seemed to like what I said and they gave me a nice bouquet of flowers to show their appreciation. The Rotarians are working really hard on a fantastic programme to eradicate polio from the world and every year in February the have 'Purple Pinkie' week to raise funds for their vaccination programme. Bill Gates is a strong supporter and has donated a lot of his personal wealth to the project. Good on him! I was also amazed to learn from their magazine that Mia Farrow is also a polio survivor.

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