Friday, 27 November 2009

Stormy Weather.

The weather has been terrible the past few weeks so getting out onto the road to train hasn't been possible. So, I took the training rollers out of my shed and had them transported to Harlow Sports Centre, along with my racing chair. Now I can just pop down there and do a session on the rollers any time I want, in the warmth! Mind you, its not an easy option because training on rollers is tougher than going out onto the road but I get a great sense of satisfaction when I finish a session, and its a vital part of my build up to the new season next year.
Today, Friday, I spoke at the launch of 'Rethink West Essex - Ethnic Minorities' at the Chinese Community Centre in Harlow. It's a charity dedicated to helping people overcome their mental problems and I was on the platform with local Labour MP, Bill Rammell. I was, as usual, very nervous before I spoke but the audience seemed to like what I said so I felt better at the end.

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