Saturday, 31 October 2009


I took a break from training yesterday to spend the day filming at Elstree Studios as a Supporting Artist on 'Eastenders'.This was my second appearance because I was there back in July making my debut. The whole experience is fascinating and its really strange being in 'Albert Square' after seeing it so often on the TV. Many years ago, back in Kenya, I can remember watching 'Carry On Camping' on video and Barbara Windsor had a wardrobe malfunction involving her undergarments so it was incredible to be actually in a scene with her yesterday. She even gave me a lovely smile and a wink and I felt really special. I won't give away the storyline but I can say it took ages to get the shot right and I didn't mind at all because I just was enjoying seeing the people I've watched myself on screen. You never know, perhaps one day you'll see me sprinting round Albert Square in my racing chair!
Back to the office today with a gruelling 10 mile road push. It was great being away but it's nice to be back to normality doing what I'm also passionate about, WHEELCHAIR RACING. As I was pushing on the road today I thought to myself that self belief and determination are vital to success, and I really want to succeed in my sport and get into top shape in the 1000 days leading up to London 2012. All my thanks to Team Essex!!!

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