Friday, 23 October 2009

The Downs Primary School, Harlow. Assembly 23/10/09.

This morning I was invited to do morning assembly at The Downs Primary School in Harlow, and also to present a few prizes. I love doing this kind of thing because the feedback I get from the pupils is always very enthusiastic and it's great to meet the children

As a Team Essex Ambassador it's a real privilege to attend events like this so that young people can hopefully be inspired and encouraged to participate in sport. Self- belief is very important and the earlier it's learnt the better. When I was growing up in Kenya my father always told me that being disabled didn't matter, getting new things didn't matter, getting 3 meals a day didn't matter but what did matter was self-belief because that's what helps us to achieve in life. Anyway, the children were brilliant and were full of questions. They wanted to know how much I train, my diet. I didn't tell them that when I first started wheelchair racing my diet was KFC and MacDonalds until 'I saw the light' ! If only one of those children takes up sport then the morning was a success.
My training is going really well. I'm visiting the gym twice a week for strength and conditioning, and my personal trainer, John, really works me hard. Two evenings a week I go to Mark Hall track for speed work and interval training, though with the onset of darker nights I can't push to track so I have to arrange transport, and the COLD and the WET and a bit of my SWEAT will combine to produce better results for me next season. Wheelchair racing is like a drug for me and I am well addicted. It keeps me sane,it keeps me alive, and it keeps me healthy.

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At 10 November 2009 at 14:19 , Blogger antony amolo said...

Hi Anne, It was great to see you all again recently. The hearty laughter and stories that we all shared late into the night.... stories of days gone by, filled me with a warmth that one does not get to feel often. I am enjoying reading your blog - and I must say it makes me very proud to be able to follow your journey. You are a great ambassador for all that you believe in. I agree with what you say about belief and determination. My mum used to tell us that "struggling is the true meaning of life". I guess she did not want us to fear struggle. Keep up the spirit and the good work - Amolo.

At 17 January 2012 at 12:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG I can remember that i was only in year 5


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