Thursday, 5 November 2009

A Hard Road

On Saturday I did 10 miles on the road with lots of hills. I felt really good afterwards and know I'm getting into good shape for next year. I really want to do good times next season and improve on all my personal best times.
I had a rest on Sunday, then on Monday it was back on the road for another 10 mile push. On Tuesday the weather was terrible so I did a hard session on rollers in my front room. It's not ideal because I have to open all the windows and doors to get enough fresh air into the room so I can breath freely but that's what really hard training is all about. You have to suffer a bit if you want to do your best.
Yesterday, Wednesday, I went to the local track at Mark Hall school and did 4 laps as a warm up then did a lot of work on my starts. In wheelchair racing its essential to get off to a good start in sprints, and its in this area that I really need to work hard to improve my PB's. I'm feeling very confident at the moment that I can do this. I finished the gruelling session with another 4 lap warm down, then came home and enjoyed wallowing in a hot bath before having an early night.



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