Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Journey to the Podium.

I had a very busy weekend with my family and then on Monday it was even more hectic. I had to prepare for a trip to Bristol for a modelling assignment then head for Harlow Sports Centre for a gym session with my personal trainer John Campbell. We had a good workout that was being photographed by Elaine Tribley for her project for the Team Essex 2012, 'Journey to the Podium' ,where artists are teaming up with athletes to produce artwork in the lead up to London 2012. I'm very excited by the project and also I feel very honoured to have been chosen. John is an excellent coach and he has really helped me to develop my upper body strength, essential for a wheelchair athlete. It was a great workout, and equally great to meet up and chat to Elaine again. She is a very talented artist.
My husband, Norman, picked me up and we headed for Harlow Town train station to begin my journey to Bristol. We had to get to Liverpool Street then head across London to Paddington. The journey was made more stressful because of a bus strike but fortunately the 23 bus was running and we made our way through the rush hour traffic and arrived in plenty of time to catch the 6.30pm train.
As usual, when we reported to the room where disabled people can get assistance we were told off for not giving them 24 hours notice. It really does annoy me that disabled people are supposed to be able to plan everything 24 hours in advance whilst everyone else can just turn up. Anyway, my journey was made much nicer by travelling with another lady in a wheelchair and I arrived at my hotel ready for a good night's sleep.

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