Friday, 4 December 2009

Boxing Clever.

On Monday it was a heavy session in the gym on rollers because the weather was still bad. I sweated and worked really hard to build up my stamina.
On Tuesday it was off to the annual President's Sporting Club Christmas Party for disabled children. I love this event because the kids are presented with trophies and medals for their achievements throughout the year and its great to see their joy at being rewarded for their efforts. Frank Bruno and John Conteh were there and it was lovely to see how well they got on with the children, especially Frank, who always makes them laugh. He is a really lovely man and I felt really proud to be in the company of two boxing legends. Also present were actress Sandra Dickinson, Bill Murray from Eastenders, Paralympian Fran Williamson, and Eammon Martin. It was a really enjoyable event.
After that I had to travel up to London for a meeting so when I returned home in the evening I felt exhausted but happy at such a productive day.

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