Thursday, 21 January 2010

Free At Last.

I managed to finally get back out onto the road again today and it felt fantastic to be out pushing long distance again. Mind you, I couldn't take my usual route because the police had cordoned part of it off for some reason so I had to find another route. Thankfully, Harlow is blessed with lots of cycle paths so it wasn't too difficult. I'm just hoping the bad weather stays away so I can get right back into my usual routine.
Last night I went to the track at Mark Hall Sports Centre and did some much needed track work. I was exhausted when I finished but had that lovely feeling of self satisfaction that I had achieved something. I'm feeling really positive about the coming season, which kicks off with a half - marathon at Silversone in March which I'll be doing to raise money and awareness for one of the charities I support, AbleChild Africa.
Talking of charities something exciting is going to happen in the next month or so. Watch this space!

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