Saturday, 22 October 2011

Teach Your Children Well.

The temperature seems to be dropping everyday, the leaves are falling from the trees, and we will soon be back to dark mornings and afternoons. This is the time of year when training is most difficult, and a soft African like myself feels the cold more than most. The other evening on the track it felt like the tips of my fingers were about to drop off! However, as an athlete if you put in the hard work and hours in the winter, you will be flying in the summer.
I've noticed that most of my blogs are about myself but just for once I want to say something about my son. I am so proud to be a mother. I remember growing up in Kenya as a disabled female and being told by doctors that I would never be able to have children. Now I look at my son and he gives me the most joy and I feel so fulfilled. He is intelligent, kind, caring but is the most untidy boy in the world! I suppose that's true of most boys of his age. I was so proud when he recorded the fastest speed in kicking a football in the whole of his school in the Speedmark Challenge competition, 52mph! Excellent for his age. Amazingly, on the same day he took part in a Tag Rugby Tournament with other local schools and scored six tries and got numerous tags. However, my proudest moment came when he asked to be substituted so his friend could take part in the game. That is what I call real team spirit.
Finally, I would like to congratulate all those athletes who were successful in winning Team Essex Ambassador Awards for 2012. It's a great scheme and will hopefully be rewarded with good performances in London2012.

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