Thursday, 11 August 2011

Swiss Roll.

Phew!! A hectic few weeks now culminates in my final competition of the season here in Switzerland. I was at Crystal Palace last weekend but wasn't that pleased with my performance on a slow track. However, as always it was good to meet up with other racers.
I've been training hard and had some very good track sessions and some tiring workouts on the road. I'm feeling really positive about myself and feel in good shape to do well this weekend.
The journey here was very tiring, especially having to get up at 5am to get to Heathrow, but I'm now comfortable in my hotel room after having a nice dinner. I love coming to Switzerland because they really take their wheelchair racing seriously here, and they can't do enough to help the athletes who travel here. They really make us feel welcome.
Whilst I was at Heathrow a lady came up to me and told me I was her hero. She has had breast cancer and she said she'd seen the programme I did for BBC, 'My Story', and said how much it had inspired her. Imagine! I told her she was the real hero, my hero, for battling a dreadful disease and beating it. She really inspired me!
So, I'm going to train hard tomorrow and then go out on Saturday and really do my best to get some good times. Then it's back to dear old England to spend the winter training hard to prepare myself fully to try and earn a place at London 2012.

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