Sunday, 17 July 2011

Driving to Success.

It's been an eventful week for me. Training has continued to go well, despite the bad weather, and I feel happy with my progress. I feel I'm in the process of rediscovering myself in many ways and learning who Anne really is once again. In the past few weeks I've been wondering, should I let go of who I am now so I can become who I am meant to be with full potential? Time will tell.

Well, I passed my driving test and I can now cross off another of the things I want to accomplish in life. It means I can now have a lot more independance with my new found mobility and I no longer have to rely on other people. I've already been out car shopping with a good friend of mine, and I'm so glad he was there because I know next to nothing about cars, and it was good to have another pair of eyes with me.

OK,weekend, Bedford, England Athletics. Fantastic track, fantastic company but truly awful weather for athletics. I managed some wins, no good times but a win is a win. I also had a go at an 800m, not my distance really, but I have to say I enjoyed it and managed a Silver. I think its encouraged me to perhaps try the distance again at a future event.

So, there you go, it's been a fairly hectic time but I'm loving it but I know I'll be needing some time off just to relax and "let my body grow".

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