Sunday, 31 July 2011

Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

The past week has been very long as I put in all the final touches to my training programme before my races this weekend. It has also been the same week which marked one year to the London 2012 Olympics, and this is the time when all athletes who want to earn a place in the team start getting butterflies and know they have to work extra hard to earn the privilege of representing Team GB.
On Friday I couldn't sleep properly because of all the nerves that come with racing the following day. I wished a friend would call or text me and tell me to relax, and that it would all be OK. They didn't but I eventually drifted into sleep only to be harshly awoken by the strident noise of my alarm clock at 6am, an unearthly hour for me! I did my usual panic of trying to remember everything I would need, and just had time to gulp down half a bowl of porridge before my transport arrived and off we set for the journey to Stoke Mandeville. Eddie has been my regular taxi driver for long journeys for years and we joked that he would soon be made 'redundant' because I'll be driving myself as soon as my new car is ready.
Stoke Mandeville has always been special to me because it's really the place where the Paralympics was born. We have a lot to thank Dr Ludwig Guttmann for because it was his brainchild.
As I was warming up for my first race, the 100m, I looked around and breathed in fresh air by lungfulls to calm my nerves. I didn't even notice the beautiful weather we were having as I sat in my chair on the start line, hands shaking, waiting for the gun, but deep within myself I felt strong and ready for a good race. I was pleased to come second and with a good time, a season's best!
All in all it was a successful weekend, I was pleased with my performances in the 100m,400m, 200m, and 800m. It's been a great weekend but I'm glad to be back home and see my son,Tim, and I always miss my own bed when I go away.

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