Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Over The Moon!

Just got back from Switzerland and the season is winding down towards winter training. It was good to meet friends from the wheelie world once more. The more I go to Switzerland the more I fall in love with it, one of these days when those 6 numbers come up!.......
Nottwil is the place to be as a racer. It has perfect cycle tracks with no broken glass and its great scenery as we push around the lake. Great accomodation. I remember it was 5 years ago that I met the Brazilian soccer team here and I recall the crowd was going wild and screaming. I was chatting to one of the players and the crowd was really cheering. Later I asked why were the crowd making so much fuss. I was surprised when I was told I was chatting to the most famous player in the world, Ronaldhino. To be honest I didn't have a clue who he was because I never used to follow football though I do now.
It was a one day international competition on a brand new track and it was good to be there to test it. After all the sweat and hard work I've put in the reward of a Personal Best in the 200m was a sign that there is more in the tank to come. I also did a very good time in the 100m but I know I have to put in some really hard work this coming winter on improving in all areas but especially my 400m and 800m, the two events I still need to master.
I am a very emotional person but when I do well I sometimes don't have the right way of expressing it and I quickly move on to the next chapter.
My passion, my love, runs slow but deep like a dark, dark river!

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