Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Power to the People.

I have been watching the party conferences of Labour and the ConDems, whose marriage seems in dire need of counselling before it ends up in the divorce courts! Daddy Cameron says one thing whilst Mammy Clegg says another, and the children are all arguing amongst themselves and asking who is going to pay the university fees, and how will they be able to buy their own homes when they graduate up to their eyes in debt. Before they got married mammy was so caring and promised the children they could have free education and daddy had promised a fairer society where all the children were equal. As Oliver Hardy would say; 'That's another fine mess you've gotten us into'. As for Uncle Ed? In Kenya, where I grew up, when mammy and daddy were contradicting each other the uncle would come in to sort it out. However, growing up in Africa, I would never have had the freedom to say such things unless I had a strong desire to disappear! Thank God for Democracy.
I was very saddened last week to hear of the untimely death of the great Professor Wangari Mathai, one of the greatest African women of all time. Some called her the 'Tree Woman' because she fought to preserve the environment against an oppressive regime that used all its power to supress her but she came out on top and went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize! What a fantastic role model and I personally drew a lot of inspiration from her resillience, her motivation, her strong will, and above all her humility.Rest in Peace and may her legacy live on.
Training has been going really well and I've had a good transition into winter training, and as my coach, Mr Day, puts it,'Every little drop fills the tank'. Every training session is vital and 2012 is literally just around the corner. I am determined to build on what I have achieved this year.

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