Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bolt Back to his Best.

I have really been enjoying the World Championships on Channel 4 and I think their coverage has been fantastic. I especially like the commentary of Dean Macey and it is so refreshing to hear a new voice speaking with such passion and knowledge. He has a commentating voice that can make anything interesting to watch.I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.
The highlight of today was seeing Usain Bolt cruise to victory in the men's 200m final. It was lovely to see him doing so well after his heartbreak of last week and I really laughed after the race when he had the mass of photographers moving left then right then left, really funny. He has totally transformed athletics, not only with his incredible running but also with his showmanship and sense of humour. He is also humble when he needs to be. I and I love him!
I also enjoyed seeing Christine Ohuruogu running well in the women's 400m relay after her disappointing false start last week. I hope she can continue to make progress and win a medal next year in London.
It was wonderful to see Shelley Woods win a bronze in the women's wheelchair 800m. She is going really well just now and is also looking good for London 2012. Mickey Bushell also did well in the men's 400m, especially as it's not really his event. I personally would love to see more disabled athletes getting television coverage at major events because the general public really need to see that we are just as talented and competitive as our able bodied athletes, and we work just as hard in training to achieve our successes.
Which brings me on to the shabby way I feel Oscar Pistorius was treated when being dropped from the South African relay team. Why was he dropped?I think it's very disappointing, especially after the way he ran so well to help his team reach the final.
Finally, my country of birth, Kenya, has done incredibly well to be third in the medal table, with 6 Gold, 5 Silver, and 3 Bronze. Well done to everyone concerned. Kenya is a relatively small country but Kenyans have big hearts, big lungs, and big talent.

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