Friday, 9 September 2011

London 2012 Paralympics.

Yesterday was a great day for all disabled athletes and Trafalgar Square in London was the place to be. Different sports were being showcased and it was a great spectacle to watch, especially Boris Johnson trying to play tennis! As I watched I thought to myself how some of this could help to change people's attitudes towards disability. To me, the whole event was designed to educate the general public. A survey taken by ComRes for Scope has shown that 47% of disabled people feel attitudes towards them are getting worse so an event like yesterday's is important. I was also pleased to read in the Guardian that the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, talking about his £20m School Games plan said;"We will confine to the history books the terrible image of a disabled child sitting in the corner on sports day and being unable to take part". I was that child back in my schooldays in Kenya and I want to see such things ended everywhere in the world, not just here in the UK. Tickets are now on sale and it promises to be the greatest Paralympics ever so I really hope its a sell out. It's magical and will give thousands of athletes the chance to perform on a world stage. I am now even more determined than ever to work hard to earn my place on that stage. I can't wait.
I have been unable to train for a week as I nursed a really bad cold but thankfully it is fading fast and I am feeling alive again, and ready to resume my training. One good thing about being housebound is that I have had a lot of time to analyse myself and determine my strengths and weaknesses as I sipped my lemon tea.

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