Sunday, 27 November 2011

Harlow Athletics Club.

I had a good push yesterday and did a solid 10k. Part of my training was being filmed as part of a project which I'll write about at a later date. The hill sprints were tough but I was pleased with the way I did them.

It's interesting because I seem to be in demand these days, especially socially, but I'm having to turn invitations down because of commitments elsewhere. For example, last night I had to let down two friends because I had to go and present awards at Harlow Athletics Club.

The club has been going for many years and has produced both Olympians and Paralympians. This was their annual awards ceremony where trophies and certificates were awarded to the athletes. I was immensely impressed by one of the coaches called Ted Cole who has been keeping the club records for more than 35 years! That's what I call dedication! The night went very well and the winners were beaming at receiving their awards. I don't know how many hands I shook. The youngsters who won awards can hopefully look back on the evening as the start of hopefully long and successful careers, and the coaches who are supporting them can also feel proud that they had a positive influence.I'll never forget Terry Martin and Alan Stevens, two men who really pushed me to success. Anyway, it was a great evening and I was very proud to be there.

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