Monday, 12 December 2011

Santa Is Dead!!!

Is now the winter of my discontent? Being of African origin I absolutely loathe the British winter! In Kenya the worst we get is the rainy seasons but here you get hurricane force winds, lashing freezing rain, hailstones and snow, and bitterly cold temperatures. As a wheelchair user its the hands that suffer most, and no matter how nicely dressed you are your hands get filthy and make you feel unclean. I leave a double trail wherever I go shopping. I could never get away with committing crimes because the police would easily follow my tracks.

Training is going well (despite the weather), and last weeks sessions were great. I rarely get a pat on the back from my coach, Ken, but last week he was pleased with me. Most people see this time of year as a time for relaxing but as for me I feel driven to improve so I will continue to work hard and maybe have Christmas Day off!

The Christmas tree is up and I realise how quickly my son,Tim, is growing up. Just last year he believed in Santa but yesterday he wrote his list and started it, 'Dear Santa (mum and dad)'. It was sweet when he believed in Santa but at least I don't have to go to the trouble of putting talc on the floor and 'Santa's footprints', or leave a drink and biscuits then eat them so he thought Santa had actually been. This time last year we were at my dads home and then on the beach on Christmas Day itself. It is sad that people seem to have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and seem more interested in material things.

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