Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Special!!!

It's finally here and you can feel children's excitement in the air..... I really hope we all remember the true meaning of Christmas before it became commercialised. A friend complained that Santa only works one day a year - I wish his job contract included Africa. When I was growing up we were lucky if we got some new clothes on Christmas morning to wear to church. However, I do enjoy seeing people go the extra mile to make the ones they love feel special. I am really looking forward to spending Christmas with my son - it's always magical when he wakes up on Christmas morning and races to the front room. His eyes go straight to the presents wrapped under the tree - I am a blessed and happy mum when I see that smile on his face, and I share in his joy as he rips the paper off his presents.

The tradition here in England is that you have turkey for lunch but this year we have pardoned the turkey and I shall be cooking duck instead. My son, Tim, really wanted goose but we couldn't find one anywhere, not even in Marks and Spencer, so he asked for duck! I really hope it will be fine but whatever happens nothing can spoil the joy of seeing his face in the morning. Roll on Christmas!!!

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