Friday, 5 March 2010


The past week or so has been extremely frustrating! First of all the weather has been terrible, forcing me to be confined to the gym and the dreaded rollers. OK, so the rollers are good for improving my stamina and general fitness levels but to be honest, nothing can compare to being out on the road and putting in the miles. So, finally, yesterday, the weather was lovely so I get into my racing chair and set off to do my 10 mile push. I'm just getting into my rhythm when BANG! My back tire gets a puncture so I'm forced to get home on a flat. Then,today, a change of wheels to my old ones with the spokes and what happens? The push rim starts to come off, along with a couple of spokes! Session ended before its really begun. I could have cried but what's the point? You just put on a brave smile and get on with life.

My new tires have just arrived in the post so I'll change the punctured one and give it another go tomorrow. I have to because I'm doing a half marathon a week tomorrow at Silverstone to try and raise some much needed funds for AbleChild Africa, a charity that is very close to my heart because it helps disabled kids in Africa to reach their own personal goals in life. I WILL do it, though its a very tough course so I'm not aiming to break any records. Just finishing will be an achievement.

That apart I was very privileged on Wednesday to attend the launch of a scheme run by 'Journey to the Podium' and sponsored by Essex County Council where a group of artists were commissioned to produce works of art inspired by selected athletes. The launch was held at Colchester United's stadium and I was genuinely honoured to see the work about me from Elaine Tribley and Dr Mark Curtis of Essex County Council's Heritage and Archive teams. It was really weird to see artwork about yourself but also very nice. Elaine also produced a book called 'Olympia' about her work and about me and I was thrilled to get two copies, one of which I'm going to send to my dad in Kenya. He will be so proud! Working with Elaine has really inspired me and made me understand art a lot better.Thanks Elaine! Dr Mark also produced a lifesize picture of me and when you press a button my voice can be heard talking about myself and my sport. Amazing.Thank you Dr Mark. What made the evening more special was having my husband, Norman, and my son,Tim with me. Tim was a bit puzzled by all the attention I was getting but he loved the artwork. A really memorable evening.

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