Monday, 4 June 2012

Out and About.

Last Monday I was being filmed by BBC for a special programme to be shown soon. I felt really good in the morning when the crew were filming me on the track. It was a glorious, hot, sunny day and I felt full of energy and positive thought. I was wishing I was competing because I was sharp and fast, vital ingredients for a good performance. The producer, David Waters, was great to work with and he made the whole experience a positive one.

In the afternoon Dan Walker arrived to do an interview.  'Football Focus' and here he was in my front room! He was great, very professional, and he was  easy to talk to. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

In the evening it was 'back to the office' for a hard training session with Ken. As I worked I couldn't help thinking about the difference between filming on the track in the morning and working hard on it in the evening. I know which one I prefer but I also know it is the training that will help me achieve my goal.

On Tuesday I was invited down to the Harlow Canal Boat Project to wave off one of their boats,'Red Watch', which was making its way to London to be part of the flotilla celebrating the Queen's Jubilee on Sunday. I am very proud to be Patron of the HCBP and it was wonderful to see some of the learners from St.Elizabeths Specialist College, their carers, and the crew,waving to us on the shore as they set off on their unforgettable journey. The boat was beautifully decorated with union jacks and banners. I must admit to feeling a little jealous that I wasn't on board with them. It is such a blessing that Queen Elizabeth is celebrating 60 years as sovereign. Sometimes God selects people for different missions and I think she was picked for this one. Whether you are a Royalist or not you have to admit it is a unique occasion.

On Thursday I was invited to Mark Hall School to present awards to staff for their service to the school. This event was organised by the Board of Governors, including Dr.Valerie Shepherd, and was meant to reflect the importance of the school in the community and the hard work and dedication of the staff in running it. I was amazed to learn that one of the staff, Marge Green, has been teaching at the school for 40 years! Now that's what I call dedication to a profession. I think teachers generally get a bad press so it was really nice to be involved in such a positive event. Well done to everyone who got an award.

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