Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The 2012 - London Calling.

Last night I had the great honour of speaking in St.Paul's Cathedral in London in front of an amazing audience of 2,700 committed Christians, with hundreds more gathered outside to watch the service on giant TV screens. I've raced in front of 40,000 people in the Olympic Stadium in Rome but I didn't notice because I was too busy working hard. I was really nervous beforehand but settled when it was my turn to be interviewed then read from the Gospel of St.Matthew. It was an amazing experience and one I could never have dreamt of whilst growing up in Kenya. The whole service was beautiful and the music, provided by the Twyford Church of England High School Gospel Choir and the Tim Hughes group was truly inspirational. The acoustics in the cathedral were ethereal and everyone felt spiritually enlightened by the whole service. The Bishop of London commissioned the Ambassadors of Christ in London before leading the whole congregation out of the Great West Door alongside the Area Bishops. It will live in my memory forever.

Back to reality this morning, waking up to torrential rain and howling wind which means training on rollers this evening. It seems it has been raining ever since they announced the hosepipe ban! Oh well, I'm not going to let bad weather prevent me from trying to achieve my dream of competing in the 2012 Paralympic Games.

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