Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Miracle In Bethnal Green.

As a devout Christian I have been really heartened by the story of Fabrice Muamba. He actually 'died' on the pitch at Spurs while playing for his club, Bolton Wanderers in an FA cup tie two weeks ago. My son was watching the match live on ESPN and it was his shock that drew me to watch as the events unfolded. I had tears in my eyes as we watched the medical team try to revive him after he suffered a cardiac arrest. My son kept saying, 'He's not moving mummy' but I told him to be quiet and said silent prayers for him as he was carried from the field. The crowd looked totally stunned. We switched to the news channel to see what was happening but all the commentators were speaking about him as if he was dead. When I woke up on the Sunday morning I was overjoyed to hear he was still alive although still fighting for his life in intensive care. To be honest I'm not really a football fan but as I learnt more about Fabrice and how he had escaped from the war in the Congo I really prayed for his recovery, alongside millions of people from all over the world. I believe miracles do happen and I have never doubted that. Fabrice is still very ill but he has survived against all the odds. I pray he makes a full recovery.

It's been a hectic time since my last blog. I have my racing chair back and it's had a complete makeover --- it's a beauty so thanks to Bromakin, and 'Your World Recruitment Agency'. It was just great to get back in the seat and do a 'test drive', and even better to get back to a full training regime. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I'm loving every minute of it. It just seems to bring out the best in everyone and I'm getting lots of smiles as I whizz past on the cycle tracks of Harlow. Life is beautiful.

In between my training and hectic lifestyle, I managed to squeeze in a little bit of filming for a new project called,'The Dream'. The crew were amazing and I really enjoyed working with them.(see pictures).

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