Saturday 31 October 2009


I took a break from training yesterday to spend the day filming at Elstree Studios as a Supporting Artist on 'Eastenders'.This was my second appearance because I was there back in July making my debut. The whole experience is fascinating and its really strange being in 'Albert Square' after seeing it so often on the TV. Many years ago, back in Kenya, I can remember watching 'Carry On Camping' on video and Barbara Windsor had a wardrobe malfunction involving her undergarments so it was incredible to be actually in a scene with her yesterday. She even gave me a lovely smile and a wink and I felt really special. I won't give away the storyline but I can say it took ages to get the shot right and I didn't mind at all because I just was enjoying seeing the people I've watched myself on screen. You never know, perhaps one day you'll see me sprinting round Albert Square in my racing chair!
Back to the office today with a gruelling 10 mile road push. It was great being away but it's nice to be back to normality doing what I'm also passionate about, WHEELCHAIR RACING. As I was pushing on the road today I thought to myself that self belief and determination are vital to success, and I really want to succeed in my sport and get into top shape in the 1000 days leading up to London 2012. All my thanks to Team Essex!!!

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Wednesday 28 October 2009

Journey to the Podium | Project blogs | Artists talking | a-n

Journey to the Podium Project blogs Artists talking a-n

Friday 23 October 2009

The Downs Primary School, Harlow. Assembly 23/10/09.

This morning I was invited to do morning assembly at The Downs Primary School in Harlow, and also to present a few prizes. I love doing this kind of thing because the feedback I get from the pupils is always very enthusiastic and it's great to meet the children

As a Team Essex Ambassador it's a real privilege to attend events like this so that young people can hopefully be inspired and encouraged to participate in sport. Self- belief is very important and the earlier it's learnt the better. When I was growing up in Kenya my father always told me that being disabled didn't matter, getting new things didn't matter, getting 3 meals a day didn't matter but what did matter was self-belief because that's what helps us to achieve in life. Anyway, the children were brilliant and were full of questions. They wanted to know how much I train, my diet. I didn't tell them that when I first started wheelchair racing my diet was KFC and MacDonalds until 'I saw the light' ! If only one of those children takes up sport then the morning was a success.
My training is going really well. I'm visiting the gym twice a week for strength and conditioning, and my personal trainer, John, really works me hard. Two evenings a week I go to Mark Hall track for speed work and interval training, though with the onset of darker nights I can't push to track so I have to arrange transport, and the COLD and the WET and a bit of my SWEAT will combine to produce better results for me next season. Wheelchair racing is like a drug for me and I am well addicted. It keeps me sane,it keeps me alive, and it keeps me healthy.

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Friday 2 October 2009

Team Essex Ambassador Artists.

The first thing I really need to say is apologies for not making more regular updates to this blog and I promise to try and make more regular entries from today. Anyway, I've had a fairly hectic time since my last entry but it has all been positive stuff so I shall attempt to backdate a bit.
Harlow Primary Schools Athletics Championships.
I was invited to attend this event which was held at Mark Hall Sports College, Harlow, to present prizes and encourage the pupils attending. It was an absolutely foul day, with torrential rain the whole time, but the youngsters were determined to compete. The children bravely fought through the rain but it was really difficult as the rain was making huge puddles on the track. They splashed on and I was inspired by their grit and determination. Unfortunately, the weather won, and the event had to be cancelled but I still had the opportunity to see all the events that were held in the Sports hall, and meet and speak to a lot of children. They were full of questions which I did my best to answer.
Journey to the Podium - 'Adopt an Artist Scheme'.
In September I attended a meeting in Chelmsford whose aim was to pair up artists with athletes so a work of art can be produced. The artists have been briefed to work with their athlete to develop an art work that either captures them, the essence of their personalities or their chosen sport. I have been paired up with Elaine Tribley, who is a painter and graphic artist. We have met and are both very excited about the project and looking forward to taking this journey together. It was very interesting when we met at my local track and chatted whilst I was doing my training. She was really interested about every aspect of my sport, wheelchair racing, and wanted to know everything about my chair. We joked about her trying to get into my racing chair. Perhaps at the end of our journey I'll let her have a go, and I'll take the pictures!
Back to the office - TRAINING!
Training has been going really well as I work towards peak fitness to prepare myself for next season. Training never stops because as an athlete you need to be constantly trying to improve, and the only way to do that is by training. Just like anyone else, illness can interfere but you have to ride over it. I'm back doing over 50km a week plus some strength and conditioning in the gym. I'm also trying to learn how to swim because this will be good for my upper body strength, as well as being good therapy. It will also help me to raise some money for charity!
Harlow Sports Awards 2009.
I attended this event last night at Harlow Playhouse and it was good to be amongst so many talented athletes, a couple of whom I mentor and who were up for awards. I was nominated for Sports Personality of the Year. I got a nice certificate for being a finalist. At least I got the chance to 'glam up' and look like a woman instead of a sweat drenched athlete in sports gear.
I'll be back!

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