Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Life is a Circus.

Had a good weekend of racing over at Stoke Mandeville competing in the British Wheelchair Racing Association Grand Prix, an international meeting. Gloriously sunny weather for a Bank Holiday weekend, you'd think it was summer. My time in the 100m put me in the world's top four this year, and my 200m in the top eight - not bad for an old me -though it's early season and I'm sure the young girls will do super fast times as the season progresses. Still, it was great to meet up with all my racing friends once again, and I'm looking forward to the Swiss Championships later this month.

On Monday, the 'We Care Group' which is one of the projects of Olympia Wafula Foundation had a trip to the circus which was visiting Harlow. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and not an animal in sight! I was told that in the 'old days' there were mainly animals made to perform in a circus, elephants, lions, tigers, horses etc, but I'm happy those days are gone because animals should be seen in their natural environment.

It's been a week of ups and downs emotionally and I have longed for things to change. It has felt like I have no control over things but then I still know when I need to walk away. Keep walking and don't look back! Though we may get lost for a while, it's better to be lost than stranded. I am determined to grow as a person and overcome any obstacle that gets in my way!

Today it's my birthday and Tim, my son,made my day by bringing me breakfast in bed, toast, milk and fruit. I really did feel a tear in my eye and felt really proud. He'll make the girl he meets when he's grown up one lucky girl. As I ate, I remembered the baby girl who was born in a mud hut in Western Kenya, helped into the world by several traditional midwives, the fourth born child in my family, third girl. My mum's friend Annah was a wonderful singer who sang to me in the womb and I was named after her but was later changed to Anne. My African name is Naliaka, which means; 'born during the weeding season'. My dad also named me 'Olympia' which later in my life became very prophetic. I give thanks to God and my parents for the blessed life I have had so far, and long may it continue!!

I have received so many birthday wishes from friends and family -thank you all so much. It's a huge blessing - The more we celebrate our lives, the more there is in life to celebrate. Today, my son said  " doesn't matter how old you are mum I love you". I jokingly said to him that the first hundred years are the hardest, to which he replied, "....I pray to God I will be here to help you blow out the candles". 

I am one blessed hot mama !! 

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