Monday, 13 August 2012

A Fantastic Fortnight.

Hello friends, I have been so busy over the past few weeks that I haven't managed to find time to do this blog. However, here I am now with quite a bit to catch up on so here I go.

On the evening of the Olympic Opening Ceremony I was the guest of 'Right to Play' at an event hosted by Polycom in London. I did manage to get home to Harlow to see most of it and I enjoyed the history that was portrayed. It was a fantastic spectacle and my favourite moment was 'Mr Bean' (Rowan Atkinson). That really made me laugh. I also enjoyed the Queen and James Bond, though I've had to try very hard to convince my African friends that Her Majesty didn't really parachute into the stadium! It was a great start to a fantastic fortnight.

I wasn't that enthralled by the opening week of bikes, boats, and horses but it was nice to see Team GB do so well. It was the athletics that really gripped me and there were so many memorable moments; Usain Bolt winning 3 Gold medals and making me smile with his antics, Mo Farah, of course for his truly incredible double in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres, Jessica Ennis, and a favourite of mine, Christine Ohuruogu. It was all really exciting. Mind you, I was disappointed with my motherland, Kenya, who did not do as well as I had been hoping. The World Record and Gold medal for David Rudisha was very special.

In between watching the Olympics on telly I've been working with a woman from the Congo, Dedeline, who lost her limbs in a landmine accident when she was 18. She is now 30 and will be representing her country in the 1500 metres in the upcoming Paralympic Games. I can really identify with her journey and have given her a racing chair and some equipment so she can do herself justice. I've been helping her with pushing techniques and training with her.

On a much sadder note the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp. It has been horrifying to see the case unfold. Unbelievable that whilst her family were frantically searching for her, her body lay hidden in her grandmothers loft. How the grandmothers boyfriend could calmly join in the search, and appeal for her to return home whilst all the time he knew he had murdered her! It reminded me of Ian Huntley. Very, very sad.

On Saturday afternoon  I took my son, Tim, to see the legend that is Tommie Smith at the premier of the film; 'Return to Mexico City'. It was a lovely film but also very inspirational as we saw Tommie and John Carlos return to the scene of their 'black power' salute 40 years on. Tommie spoke afterwards and Tim was enthralled at his story. Tommie signed his book,'Silent Gesture' to Tim with the words;'Education is a Must!' I'm sure Tim will never forget meeting him, and neither will I. A REAL legend.

The closing ceremony wasn't as brilliant as the opening but it did the trick. My favourite was George Michael singing,'Freedom, but I also enjoyed the Spice Girls, Queen, John Lennon and Take That. I thought it was very brave of Gary Barlow after his recent tragic loss. Let's hope the athletes will inspire the next generation of sports people in the same way British music inspires.

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At 27 August 2012 at 11:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankyou Anne for a wonderful recap of the Olympic Games 2012. Good luck with your race; I look forward to seeing a gold medal round your neck. May I also take the opportunity to tell you what an inspiration that you are to my generation and the generations to come? I read your autobiography, and have probably re-read it around seventy times! You are a remarkable human being, there's no doubt about it. Long live Anne Wafula Strike; a legend in her own right.


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