Sunday 18 April 2010

Election Race

The whole country is talking about the election race, but my kind of race is to get fit for the new season which means training and more training.To the politicians this is their Olympics/paralympics and they will be vying to get Gold.2012 is only 2 years away and this is the time for me to get myself in shape to be on the start line when the gun goes!

It has been a hectic time since my last entry and apart from being an extra on EastEnders again, I've visited several schools around Essex in my role as Essex Ambassodor and I've been trying to motivate young people to participate in sport and eat a healthy diet,I have also had to contend with a throat infection and the 'joys' of antibiotics.'I get knocked down but I get up again' It is good not to let things or other people get you down.

Training is going on well and the weather has been brilliant,I am enjoying my long pushes on the road now and just getting into more drills on the track.I need to work on several things now as the track competitions are approaching fast.Being an athlete I am worried abot the effects of the current volcanic dust,especially being a polio survivor,my lungs don't have 100% function. Lets hope the situation improves

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