Tuesday 30 June 2009

Swiss Roll.

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am a Paralympian who competes in wheelchair racing, sprinting to be exact about it, and in this blog you can read about how I am progressing in my chosen sport.
It's been a difficult year for me because I missed out on qualifying for Beijing due to a torn muscle in my shoulder. I was very disappointed not to take part because even with my injury I just missed out on getting a qualifying time in the 100m. I managed a personal best time of 17.38 and the qualifying time was 17.25 secs! Still, I got over it and started training again properly this year.
I've just returned from Switzerland where I took part in two competitions. In Ibach I managed 17.73 secs in the 100m, just outside my PB, and I was delighted with that result but, as I said, the weather was wet and windy and my 200m and 400m were just ordinary.
In Jona, a really fast track, all of the Brits were looking forward to fast times but the weather was horrendous, so bad people were turning blue with the cold! There was nowhere to get a hot drink and it was generally depressing. Still, I did my races, albeit in times that were poor so it was a bit of a disappointing end to the trip. Anyway,the weather was bad for everyone so no complaints.
Now I'm getting ready for Crystal Palace in July so it's train, train, and more training.

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