Tuesday 24 March 2020


The Corona virus has shut down just about everything except the Devine power of the creator. We are all having to alter how we live and how we interact for the time being until it’s brought under control. 

Here’s my advice for a Quarantine glow up at this time of self-distancing; drink plenty of clean warm water, if you don’t like it plain you can add a hint of fresh squeezed lemon or an orange. Oil your hair with trimming of the ends every fortnight as you are not able to see your hair dresser for a couple of weeks. I also recommend a good skincare routine; for the ladies do not forget your morning and evening routine because consistency is key. For the men, take regular showers and general good grooming is necessary. Observe a healthy diet by practicing self distancing from the kitchen and your fridge. 

Avoid unnecessary snacking and instead opt for a fruit or a glass of warm water. To keep your mind active, read widely and enjoy Netflix. If you are a family,  play board and card games. You can also invent your own activities at home that will keep the children involved and active. If you have a member of the family who is disabled, make sure their needs are not forgotten and they are involved so I recommend having inclusiveness activities. Take time and learn the art of meditation and listen to soul edifying music.  Interact with your friends and other family members and friends via social media. Use Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime to keep in touch. Wash your hands regularly. 

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