Tuesday 10 May 2011

Stoke Mandeville.

I went to the meeting at Stoke Mandeville a week or so ago and was disappointed to find the wind was against us so the times I did were not up to my usual standard. However, it was my first competitive track meeting of the season and it was good to get back on the track and racing. Hopefully my times will improve with hard training. I've continued to work really hard and did a really good session down in Kingston with Jenny Archer on Saturday. I'm hoping to get down there again later this week.
On Sunday it was my birthday and I was absolutely delighted to get a phonecall from my dad in Kenya telling me that three men from a polio organisation here in the UK had turned up at his homestead that morning. They wanted my dad to show them the places they had read about in my autobiography, 'In My Dreams I Dance', and also to fill them in on the things they had read about in more detail. They told my dad he was an excellent role model for the parents of disabled children and that made him feel justly proud. I was so happy that my dad was getting some recognition for the wonderful parenting he had shown me growing up. It made my day! A birthday to remember.
So, I'm off to Mark Hall for some more training and I'm really looking forward to returning to Switzerland later this month for some top class competition.

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