Sunday 21 November 2010

Tis The Season To Be Busy.

I have been training really hard since my last entry but as usual the weather has been against me and a lot of my work has been done on rollers in the Mark Hall Sports Centre. Buckets of sweat and aching muscles but worth it because of the great feeling of self satisfaction when its over and done with. I am determined to have a great season in 2011 and I certainly feel a lot fitter than I usually do at this time of year. I have a bad cold at the moment but I am fighting it so that I can continue training..

On Wednesday gone I was very privileged to attend the 'Journey to the Podium' exhibition which has opened in my hometown of Harlow, at the wonderful Gibberd Gallery in the Civic Centre. I am very proud to be a Team Essex Ambassador, and even more proud to have been featured through the lovely art work of Elaine Tribley. It was also lovely to see the other work produced by artists working with other sports people. Essex County Council is to be congratulated for running such an innovative scheme that pairs artists with athletes.
Out in Harlow yesterday I was surprised to see the Xmas lights and the town full of shoppers. I started to panic because I haven't even had time to think of Christmas. I must say I hate the dark nights and the cold and long for Spring.

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